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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Five Dealer Options That Aren’t Worth the Money

At Suburb Service, we want to make sure Subaru buyers get the best possible value for their dollar. If you have made the wise choice to invest in a new Subaru, don't make the mistake of adding on unneeded extras. When you shop for your next Subaru, keep in mind this list of five dealer options that you can do without. Of course one thing you shouldn't do without is regular repair and maintenance. 1. Rust proof under-coatings, stain proof fabric protection, and other dealer-added chemicals. Modern vehicles ship from the factory with excellent rust protection. Modern car interiors are generally made of excellent materials that clean up easily without expensive dealer coatings. Worse, many dealers may purchase the same materials that you could from an auto supply store, and pay an employee to spray it on at a tremendous mark up to the ... read more