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Five Dealer Options That Aren’t Worth the Money

At Suburb Service, we want to make sure Subaru buyers get the best possible value for their dollar. If you have made the wise choice to invest in a new Subaru, don't make the mistake of adding on unneeded extras. When you shop for your next Subaru, keep in mind this list of five dealer options that you can do without. Of course one thing you shouldn't do without is regular repair and maintenance.

1. Rust proof under-coatings, stain proof fabric protection, and other dealer-added chemicals.

Modern vehicles ship from the factory with excellent rust protection. Modern car interiors are generally made of excellent materials that clean up easily without expensive dealer coatings. Worse, many dealers may purchase the same materials that you could from an auto supply store, and pay an employee to spray it on at a tremendous mark up to the consumer.

Purchasing stain protection yourself gives you the added security of knowing what type of chemicals you are placing near your skin day in and day out. If you feel you need additional fabric stain protection, purchase a bottle yourself and save on the unnecessary cost

2. In-car DVD, CD, navigation, and other electronics.

Mobile technologies are far outpacing the ability of car manufacturers to catch up. If you invest in a quality vehicle, you may drive it for ten or more years. In the meantime, hardwired devices such as in-car navigation systems may become antiquated or entirely obsolete. If you have a smartphone or a tablet computer, you may already have access to a wider variety of services and media than you can find in even the most sophisticated of in-car systems.

If you have a smartphone with 3g, consider acquiring an inexpensive dashboard mount for easy access to navigation. A tablet computer with 3g, or a tablet computer tethered to a smartphone with 3g, offers instant access to streaming video for restless children in the backseat. The best part? As the technology evolves, you are not left with expensive, inoperable relics like the car phones of the late 1980s.

3. Paint protection coatings.

Like undercoat protection and stain protection, paint protection is not really necessary for modern vehicles. Your car will look better after regular washing and waxing, and should not receive any type of waxing or other coating for the first several months after purchase.

4. VIN etching

Etching your vehicle identification number into your windows is an excellent theft deterrent. However, like fabric protection sprays, dealers provide this service at a very significant markup over the actual cost. Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for the dealer to do this, purchase an inexpensive do it yourself kit.

5. Extended Warranties

Extended warranties typically don't cover parts that need to be replaced during regular maintenance. Keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule on your new vehicle is the best way to extend its life. We recommend saving the $1,000+ that you would spend on an extended dealer warranty and investing that money in service from a reputable, experienced motor vehicle technician.

Take good care of your Subaru, and you will see a better return on investment than any of these gimmicky dealer extras. Save your money and put it toward regular upkeep on your vehicle. In Western Washington, call Suburb Service for all of your Subaru maintenance and repair needs.