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Our Top Tips to Improve Fuel Efficiency

Whether you're a new car owner or a seasoned driver, one thing remains the same: you loathe the price of gas. Driving (especially if your morning commute sticks you in rush hour) can be quite inefficient. That's why we're here to help with our...

Top 8 tips for improving fuel efficiency in your Subaru

Be softer on the brakes (and the accelerator!).

Did you know that the harder you accelerate, the more fuel you waste? It's true. Pushing down on the gas to quickly accelerate just sounds like money flying out of your wallet. Soft acceleration and soft breaking is easier on your engine and allows your car to maximize its fuel efficiency-plus it extends the life of your Subaru's breaks.

Cool it on the AC

Summer road trips (even here in the Pacific Northwest) can be a bit warm and you might be inclined to turn up the AC. Our advice? Sweat it out. Overusing the air conditioning puts a strain on the engine and causes it to use more fuel to power the car and the AC.

Use cruise control when possible

If you're going on a long drive or heading out of Seattle for the weekend, using cruise control can help you maintain a safe, fuel-efficient speed. Constant changes in speed can actually decrease your fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent-something you can avoid by simply keeping your speed consistent across any trip.

Don't load down your car

Heavy loads weigh you down; and extra weight means your car's engine has to work a little harder to move along the highway. When your engine works harder, you'll find your car lacks in fuel efficiency. Our suggestion? Pack light for your next vacation.

Plan your route ahead of time

Whether you're heading out of town or on your daily commute to work, you can improve fuel efficiency by simply planning ahead. Know the path of least resistance and take it. Apps like Waze (and even Google Maps!) can alert you of heavy traffic and unexpected accidents ahead of time.

Have your car serviced regularly

You know that having your car serviced on a regular schedule can keep it operating efficiently, but did you know regular service can have an effect on your gas mileage too? It's true. Even just a replaced air filter or new spark plug could help your engine burn gas more efficiently.

Avoid Seattle rush hour at all costs

Idling in Seattle traffic can be a serious culprit of fuel inefficiency. Accelerating and braking repetitively isn't good for your car's engine-not to mention, it's a very expensive way of travelling. If you have to travel in rush hour often, consider buying a hybrid car or one that's known for putting fuel efficiency first.

Purchase a fuel efficient Subaru

You're probably wondering: does everyone in Seattle drive a Subaru? Maybe...but it's because they know Subaru is the best make on the market. Subaru knows that fuel efficiency is important for the environment-and for your wallet. When you purchase and drive a Subaru, you can rest assured that you are driving one of the most fuel efficient brands on the market.

With a strong dedication to fuel efficient technologies-like hybrid electric drive which is available in some Subaru models-you can count on Subaru to provide you with eco-friendly transportation every day. From the transmission to its aerodynamic build, you'll find that your Subaru works to improve your fuel efficiency with every mile.

Choose Suburb Service As Your Local Subaru Repair & Maintenance Shop Near Seattle

Not experiencing the fuel efficient benefits of owning a Subaru? Don't let this problem go un-investigated-bring your Subaru down to Suburb Service. Our Subaru experts will complete a regular maintenance check to see if we can uncover any issues that may be causing your fuel inefficiency.

Don't own a Subaru just yet? Considering a Subaru in the near future? We recommend Subaru's to all of our clients (plus, our family and friends!) that are looking for fuel efficient options. Schedule an appointment for Subaru repair or maintenance today-simply call us at (206) 705-8695 to reach our Seattle location. Show your Subaru some love.